Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feline Diane Ogden

Lucy has hairballs!  Big Bad hairballs and she peucks a lot.  She has a licking disorder called ANXIETY.  She is also a feral who wont let me give her the tuna tasting laxatone so I have to buy special hairball food.  And this is the hairball cocktail I mix every few months. Take the Royal Canin and the Newman's Own.  Those two alone cost me $42.50.  The IAMS, PURINA ONE, and whatever the other one is......I cant remember, but I bet they add up to the same or more.  And my kitty still cries when she poos....because there is so much hair trying to come out.  More hair than Poo the vet says upon  dissection.  I do my best to help her and love her through this life.  If she gets real sick she lets me take her to the Vet.  I Love Lucy!
Until I find some interesting news or happy news Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and Get Rick, I mean Rich, (but if you know a Rick you can send him on over) so you can take your Lucy to the clinic and pay for the anesthesia and detailed testing to make sure she is okay.  That'd be about a Grand or so.
She seems healthy except her eyesight and poo-ing issues.  I will take good care of her. 
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