Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas in January.............by Diane Ogden

Karsyn, Me, Bree, Kennede, Camryn
Uncle Chad and Briana Hull
Briana and fiance James
On this particular Sunday, January 8th, most people have already taken th
eir Christmas tree down.  The radio stations have stopped playing Christmas Carols.  The sales are winding down at the malls. Me, I am still singing Jingle Bells and searching for my amazing Alan Jackson Christmas CD.  You see I had the 2012 flu!  And it was awful.  So awful I had to  cancel Christmas.  I barely got any shopping done......I was still wrapping the day the family was arriving.  Danielle, Cayden, and Cody are missing because their car was broken down.  Son Chris is somewhere in the South traveling with his ladyfriend.  Son Cody is in Los Angeles, Son Daniel is in Pekin, Illinois eating prison food.  I do hope to be alive when the doors open for him to come home.  My Dad is missing from the celebration as he died last June. 
All in all we had a fine time opening a few gifts and having great brownies and ice cream.  No, no big dinner this time.  Just happy to have pulled off a mini get together.So until I find something humorous or horrible or hot.... be well, be happy, and be safe and to all a Good Night!  Lindsay Ogden, Karli Ogden, Kennede, and Karsyn in photo below! 
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