Friday, January 25, 2013

Blood Pressure Diane Ogden

I went to the doctor last week because I thought I had an ear infection.  No details necessary..... He felt my jaw, he looked into my right ear for one half a nano-second and said, "You don't have an ear infection, you have TMJ."  I knew that, but I still thought I had an ear infection.  But I did not.  This is all good.  When I checked in and they took me to the little room the nurse took my blood pressure which was high.  Like 198 over 80 I think.  I have NEVER had high blood pressure in my life.  In fact I have low blood pressure.  Yet since December 15th, 2012 when I contracted (I really had no such contract with the flu and that was a horrible choice of words!) the flu my blood pressure has risen upon each visit.  (Three total)  This time the old country doc instructed me to purchase a cuff blood pressure monitor.  I waited a week and then did it because I don't believe in strokes.  Good strokes oh yes, bad ones no no.  I took my blood pressure when I got home from China (Wal Mart World) and yes it is made in China.  Makes me so angry.  Back to point.  It said to not eat or drink anything for a half hour before using.  Why?  And to keep my feet flat on the floor for fifteen minutes before using.  I get that legs crossed stopping blood flow.  So I did it.  Pressure was 118 over 78.  Hey not bad.  I was thrilled especially because I have one signature left to get on my do not recussitate (I have obviously spelled that wrong and my computer doesn't even recognize it) paperwork.  Then I took it again before bed and it was 118 over 78.  Then again when I woke up.  Same.  I thought humm that's odd.  Through out the day I cursed China thinking I would have to return this little machinie gadget.  I got home this afternoon and picked it up from my nightstand and brought it and its box out to my desk to wrap it up for return.  There is more light out here .  That is when I noticed the clear sticker on the front of it.....and also the words PEEL HERE!
I am not a stupid person.  Contrary to what you might be thinking right now.  How could I miss that?  I did.  I usually blame that on print being black for instance car radios, TV controls on the TV, computer menu on the computer that is black, as is the TV and the car radio.  But this is creme colored, not black.  And my eyesight is fine with my specs that is.  Of course I feel like a idiot.  Jeez.
So I gently peeled the sticker off and sat quietly while it did its Chinese work on me.  The screen said, "Shitski I forgot, be right back."   137 over 75....that is because the dog was scratching my leg like crazy to pick her up.  I couldn't even say, "Stop it, I am not supposed to move."  That still isn't very high like it was at the country doc's.  Thingy cost me $45.00.  The better one Orion I think was $75. I did notice my little ReliOn was made by the same $75.00 company.  O 'well....  it is what it is.
Maybe I'll Etsy it, or rent it out when I'm finished.  Duh.  Hey, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy, and get Rich because its more fun.  You can buy American more often too.  

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