Monday, December 3, 2012


It takes three full days to make my Gma Tillie's cookies because the dough is put onto the cookie sheet the size of a thumbnail.  So a LARGE bowl of dough takes all day, early morning to late evening, to place them on the sheets, bake tehm, cool them off, place them in jars.  Then order the labels, place them on the jars, make the cloth tops, tie them on, add the little story and photo page, place in bubble wrap, lay gently in shoe boxes, add all the plastic bags you can find to cushion them further.  Get the boxes from the post office...look up everyone's address and fill out the address labels....  put the shoe box inside the Priority Mail boxes and add all the clean old rags and towels you can find to cushion them further.  Then tape them all up good and put them in car and  drive to post office again.   Several trips walking the eight or nine boxes inside in the rain. My turn at the window!  The lady tells me $15.45 for each of the priority boxes.  I was so upset I couldn't add it up in my head $15.45 times the number of boxes all stacked up ahead of me.  I told her WHAT?  She said I should have sent them in a regular box.  (Every other time I go in they tell me I should go priority as it cost less???)  And there is a line of people behind me.  I could have carried them all back out to my car, drove home, unpacked them all, ruined all the labels and started all over.  Packed them in different boxes. Blah, Blah, Blah
 NOT SO MUCH!  I would have saved a little $ but not enough to do it.  So I took deep breath and swiped the card! 
                 $104.80 to send my Christmas Cookies to Eight families.  Did I cry on the way home?  Nope, but I doubt I will be doing my lil tradition anymore.  I hate to let the Federal Government stop me from sharing Grandma Tillie's cookies but that is ridiculous.
And I have a couple more to send out!  S H U T U P!!

I am mad that the joy got stolen by the Post Office. Oh I forgot to tell you.  There was a little old lady in line that spoke up and said, "Hey, don't you know its not cool to bring that many boxes in here at this time of day?"  I almost spoke badly but I held it in.  Then she said, "Hope you can take a joke!"  Don't ya just hate those people that say exactly what they mean and then pretend its a joke. 

Well they are mailed.  I hope they get enjoyed.  So until the next time I make a million cookies the size of quarters, fill the jars, pack them up and get he sticker shock of mailing them......or I find something more interesting.  Be well, be safe, be happy, and get rich so you don't give a hoot what it costs to mail your wonderful Grannie's cookies!

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