Monday, December 17, 2012

My Aching Ass and Other Diane Ogden

Okay sorry for the ass word but hey, I have other "A" problems such as Arthritis and so on. It used to be The Scarlet A on my chest for .....what book what that we had to read in High School?  Oh yes, The Scarlet Letter!  Now it stands for Arthritis and Assache.  KARMA?  Could be Sherman!
I have been looking for a gel top foam mattress at a reasonable (JOKE) price for some time now. 
I have done research on these toppers. Some smell of chemicals. Some aretoo  hard, some are too soft, some are online as a GROUPON which I wont touch. 
I saw a 10% off at so I tried to find what I have found to have the best reviews which is the Sleep Innovations.....not offered. Bingo.
J.C. Penney has it but it' s pricey. I need SOFT like a feather bed. I am dreading going to bed tonight as I haven't had time to fluff the shitting hole I created in the topper I have now, with my own body form....  It is quilted, say like in squares and after a few days I have personally created my own private sink hole  for free .... and since I was sick over the weekend (still have a fever wha wha call the wha wham-bulance) I didn't remove all the blankets, comforter, etc and fluff the shitting hole away...might I add, turn it around and start over on the other side! I have had it. I wake up multiple times in the night due to this lumpy sink hole topper.
BUT it is certainly better than sleeping by the river in the Buick!!! And so...there ya go Rose buds.... That be Happy, be Safe, be Well, and by God get rich so you can buy a mattress or mattress topper and SLEEP so you can work and think and live especially if you have assie arthritis.  Sorry for the ass word so many times.  Love you Lord anyway.  I thank God for the word has saved me I am sure. But so will the gel topper.  One is flesh and one is spirit!  I am surviving both thank you.
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