Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Bought a Purse I Have to Groom Diane Ogden

Sooo....  It's real leather.  I can only hope its not real dog.  (fur that is.)  Oh Lord!  I was very thrilled to get this real B Makowsky purse for $39.00, originally $248.00.   And it smells sooo good because its real leather.  All I can say is something "came over me" yesterday at the DSW Shoe Store.  I don't believe in killing animals for their fur unless one needs to be warm and the store is sold out of Columbia's and or any other coats.  And I don't believe in killing animals to make purses out of their poor hides.  I wouldn't want anyone skinning my ass and wearing it on their arm strolling down the street.  I really have to stop using the word ass.  Sometimes I just feel it has a punch.  Ya think? 
So I just found this online:  And it burst my fur and leather bubble just a tad.

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