Thursday, December 6, 2012

HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL-with Vincent Diane Ogden

OMGOMG! My parents took me to this movie when I was about eight years old.  To a movie theatre.  It was such horror that they got up and took us out. What?  It was too late!  I saw a man fall into a pit of acid and dissipate. I saw a woman ghost standing outside a window and a rope moved all by itself into the room and out the window and wrap itself around her legs and YANK her down and kill her!  Terrifying hand come out of door and grab someone....and so on.   So why am I telling you this?  Because of the new Lincoln Movie with vampires and such. How dumb is that?  But then how dumb was the House on Haunted Hill?  Well it was entertaining but not for the little ones.  I suppose the parents didn't realize how this would affect me or the brother.  Maybe make it a point to rent this old one....A friend told me her Grandsons Mom took them to a Horror movie and when they got to Grandma's they wouldn't leave her side for one moment.  So she called the Mom on it.  Dangerous territory!~  But it worked.  And when I heard the story it reminded me of "House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Prince!? A good Horror Movie to say the least! I wont be renting it by the way. I remember enough of it to realize I do not wish to rent it ever again in my life!  Or any other lifetime either.  So until someone reminds me of an old horror movie or something my parents did badly (ha) safe, be well, be happy, and get rich just for fun, and be CAREFUL of horror movies because they seem to stay with you for-ever! eeeewww   

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