Sunday, December 23, 2012

Camera? Mattress Topper? New Car? by Diane Ogden

Forget it!  All of it!  Pulled into my trusty Meineke Car Shop (been going there for years) and Mitch tells me I am a fraction from having unsafe treaded tires.  I could have handled that news.... and waited a few more days for tires while I shopped for MY New Used Honda CR-V I am going to get, but from somewhere in the wild blue a huge snowstorm is coming TONIGHT!   I reiterated to Mitch that I wanted a fancy new camera. not new tires.  He made the quick thinking comment. "Great, then you can take wonderful pictures of the accident." Get it?  The accident because I got a camera and not new tires.  So...I did it. I bought the tires.  I also told them the car wash broke the inner part of my alloy wheel rim and my neighbor glued it back on with some silver "stuff."  Not to lose it and to glue it back on now or put it in the back seat for safety.  Go figure, I went from while walls to black walls and from at least acceptable alloys to trash, low rent, poor appearing car.  I came out of Target and saw it gone and said words no children should ever hear or learn...  Why cant men listen.   I told them more than once.  Those little inner pieces cost two new outfits, a used bicycle, more than a movie and popcorn,  the lite bill for sure...and so on.   Just look at that nasty!  I am sure I can get one at a junk yard, LIKE WHEN?  What time of the day, week, month, or year can I fit that in.  Heck I missed my smash-a-gram last Wednesday morning. Even had it written down on the calendar that I didn't look at.
Oh well.   It's done now.  Cant complain I guess.  The old girl (Buick, not me) has kept her knees on for thirteen years.  So she now needs one replacement....And as my license plate says:  And do not give me any grief about all those stickers and how they should be on top of each other.  I paid for the plate and the stickers so I can put them wherever I want. (I think)  Got that plate in the 90's.  Wish I had that 90's sticker.....  Until I find some interesting news, hopefully happier than this one. Be safe, be well, and be happy.  And get rich so you don't have to wait to buy until you look like you really really need a different vehicle. 
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