Monday, December 10, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is.............. by Diane Ogden

Okay I could do with a bit of Ashton whats his name.  Sure I could.  No really I could.  And I would.
I think.  Or maybe not.  But then maybe I would depending on how I felt that day.  But more seriously, not that / that wouldn't be a serious encounter/endeavor/uplifter!  Yet all I really want for Christmas besides peace within and (without my new Honda CRV ) is that magnificent Nikon 1!  OMG I would take pictures of my toilet (empty of course) with that amazing piece of equipment.  I have a $179.00 piece of poop Cannon.  I had a $200 wonderful Cannon sure shot that I gave to my Granddaughter.  I thought I upgraded to the new Cannon but I was L-Wrongo Sherman. Possibly I should have done some camera researching online but I am overwhelmed by technology research and it doesn't come that easy for me.  I love ALL the new technology but I don't get a portion of it.  I want to!  I have googled my phone to death, I have googled my wireless printer to death, I have googled google....  And that is when I found Assie Ashton who married that cougar lady and free sailed until he got offered the "BIG ONE."  Job that is.  Hey that's KARMA..he gave her the "BIG ONE" until he got his back!  Naughty I suppose but quite factual I should add.  Of course that is my opinion from viewing from the outside for years yet I suspect it is a fair estimation of the situation.  Analogy could be:  Young wife works to put her husband through medical school...  he graduates, leaves her sweet side (ass) and marries some nurse.  See? That's an analogy.  Okay back to my point.... All I want for Christmas is a Nikon 1 Camera. ($599.00) Forget the Ashton whats his name who replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.  I see the half is grown up now and has found himself RELIGION!  Personally, I think God isn't so unhappy with a sit com that makes the world a bit easier to live in.  Makes people laugh. I will say there are some over the top comments as there are out here in "regular land."  Actually the show is cursed I think.  Charlie/drugs/stupid moves/kids grows up get religion then disses show and quits/ Ashton leaves the cougar/ she overdoses/he finds new love.....  sounds like maybe God didn't think it or think it was very funny after all.  Me.....All I want for Christmas is a Nikon 1.  Yes I checked the reviews.  No I didn't, I liked it cause it is white and I dislike ALL black electrical equipment including car radios have black raised writing on black. WTFrick?  Who did that?  Male or Female?  Had to be a young male designer  with no sense of anyone but himself and what he can see, or maybe he can read Braille. Even the side of my PC is in black on black.  Give me a break. OMG now I sound like that guy with the grey messy hair that died on 60 minutes.  Eeww Eeww  You now the Editorial dude?
Okay so Be well, Be Happy, and Be Safe....until I find another silly topic to bother you with......because anything that happens after midnight isn't any good.  I daughters fiancee died in a car accident a week ago coming home at 2:00 am alcohol...just bum luck and wet roads.  I might write about him soon..... See how I joke about Ashton whatshisname when what really matters is losing a good kid like Derek Reible in a freak accident....    nite

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