Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Diane Ogden

I took this picture from the kitchen window of my clients Lake house.  The haunted Lakehouse might I add.  In fact I have three employees that won't go into the lower level of said Lakehouse.  Let me say I don't wish to go to the lower level myself considering there is a "ghost" down there that does not like us, me, visiting.  I say "it" is the visitor and "it" needs to move on.  But then they, or "it" doesn't seem to be listening so well to me.  If you have ever had an encounter with a ghost from the other side that isn't exactly friendly you will know it.  The little-iest hairs on the back of your neck, arms, soul, spirit, and brain will stand on end.  YOU WILL KNOW YOU HAVE ENCOUNTERED something that isn't of this world.  (Psssst, it isn't a good (god) feeling)  I tell my employees this "thing" cannot hurt them.  It can only scare them.  Heck life is scary every day in some way....but I understand that the non - understandable is "beyond" frightening.  I prefer the "beyond" folk that bring peace!  Not the ones that cause straight hair to curl.

The first picture is the real one.  The second picture represents the peaceful hereafter.  And the third one is the spirit that hasn't found its way out-a-here (there) yet..... "YELLOW!"  I recall the word "yellow belly sap sucker."  Not sure why that was used to represent a coward.  Are the spirits left behind yellow bellies? Or are they lost?  Or are they just too afraid of the unknown that they have to pass through to get to the precious beauty of the next dimension?  I believe the answer is all of the above and more.

So all that said and I left a lot happy or don't be, be well or not, be safe or be afraid, and if your rich or poor is your deal..... I am all of that.  Happy, sad, well, afraid, rich and poor!  Next time....... If the ghost doesn't get me!

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