Thursday, November 8, 2012

Susan's Christmas Shop, Sante Diane Ogden

This isn't funny, but it is cool.  I found it at a clients home today.  It was a gift to her from her in laws who just came back from vacationing in New Mexico and brought this precious gift.  A beautiful hand painted ornament by Cathleen Kardos, 2012.  I simply found it to be something so beautiful?  Beautiful is not the right word.  Classic??  Creative yes....pure talent....yes.  I actually found myself wanting one of these except I do glitzy, frilly, antique, shabby chic, pink, crystal, and so on.  Maybe I will buy a tree just for this one perfect hand crafted ornament.  Then again maybe I wont.  I love to dream. To dream of buying an extra Christmas Tree just for this one hand crafted ornament.  Another dream is of creating a fancy Barbie Dress for a child's shoe box gift....  a donation to Jersey's Hurricane Sandy victims.  A bag of diapers for a new single Mom. But I work so many hours to survive this life I find no time left for the dreams.  I am not sad.  I am happy, grateful for my job, thankful for my life.  So until I find something interesting, funny, or not....  be safe, be happy, be well, and get rich so you can sleep.   And so you can pay to take your dog on AMTRAK which they do not allow as of now.  So how do I get to Sante Fe?   Google huh?
Maybe you will look this up and buy it??  Idk...

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