Saturday, November 3, 2012

I took my Shabby Chic huge puff ball blanket to the Laundromat for them to clean ($10) as my washing machine is not big enough.  You see I have been waking up with cat hair in my teeth as well as stuck in other areas of my mouth. Lovely! The beautiful blanket attracts and holds the cat hair and retains it like some fat women say they retain water. I don't want to use that beautiful soft cat hair retentive blanket now that its all clean.  Also myy eyes have been itching badly lately, actually for a long time. I hope I am not allergic to cats considering even my eyelashes have a white cat hair stuck to them on occasion when I wake up. Anyway...when I got there to pick up the blanket it wasn't quite dry.....
So I am sitting outside the Laundromat waiting as they told me ten more minutes, when a clan of African people, (oh no I am not prejudice unless) come out with two months worth of laundry and attempted to put it all in a small red car held together with red duct tape. Yes indeed! It was a true Wal Mart case I was viewing 8 x 10 glossy close up.
 One of the guys throws a huge duffle bag of clothes on the back of my car! No shit.... I am eating my Milio's #12 with chips of course and about lose my food from sheer dis-belief. He must have thought the old girl was too old to care. The car I mean.
I raised my lil Samsung Galaxy 2 and snapped a photo of the bag thru my rear view mirror. Why? I don't know...maybe I felt as though I was winning that lil war.   He left it there a long time. I wanted to ....but I just couldn't do the crotchety old lady thing and get out a bitchin at him. Know what I mean?
You see earlier...... 
I was at Milio's and I had two bags from TJMAXX hanging on my right forearm, a purse and another bag hanging on the other arm. And a Cape Coat on. Hard to do anything with a Cape on. I needed napkins so I reached for the napkin holder with my right hand (try picturing this) which
was not able to reach far as the bags and Cape Coat were holding my hand back. I stretched as far as I could and caught the napkin holder with my finger and p u l l e d it toward me which in turn knocked a stack of paper cups onto the dirty floor. That is when one YOUNG girl made a disgusting sound from her vocal cords which seemed to be understood  like some sort of sign/sound language by  the manager who then came over and picked up the napkin holder and SLAMMED it down CLOSER to me saying, "WHY DON'T YOU LET SOMEONE HELP YOU MAAM!" I said in my mind.... Hello asshole manager lady who spoke to me like I was elderly and incapable. When she realized her tone was not nice she tried to make up for it. I never said boo. Lately I am noticing how different I am starting to be treated. Yes like I am old. I left there feeling really crumby. Actually talking to myself (like the elderly do) all the way to my car. LMAO as I type this.
Sooo I had a great day
Woke up to doggie diarrhea too. That was special...
BUT....I'm good.  So you be good too, and be well, be happy, be safe, (no shootin African's, or Asian's, or Indian's, or White's) at the laundromat when they simply throw duffle bags on the trunk of your private personal vehicle) I mean walk on me, I'll lay down and you can put stiletto's on and walk on me!  NOT!  And get rich in case you accidentally do shoot 'em so you can get out of it!
Just Kidding sorta, Nite 
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