Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Received a Blessing Today.....and Forever by Diane Ogden

My Granddaughter wrote this on her blog the other day.  I guess not much else in the world could have blessed me like this did when I read it:  Thank you Precious Bree... I love you forever.

A lot of people have that one person in their life that means the world to them. It may be your mother, your father or even one of your siblings. For some its their grand-parents. For me, its my Nana!

I think since the day I was born she has been rooting for me. She saw something special in me (thank god someone did LOL). Since I can remember Nana D has been there for me through everything. Its almost as if I was her little gift from god.

I always tell everyone when talking about her that she is absolutely gorgeous and for being 60 something she damn hot. A 25 year old stuck in a 60 year olds body. No joke, I tell people that. I hope that I have her good genes and no one else's when i get up there in age.

As far back as I can remember its been her who has been trying to teach me the ways of life. When my mother couldn't care for us we would spend our days at her daycare and every weekend I would spend at her house. She took us to church and even taught me my nightly prayer. She would come in every night and tuck me in and teach me a little verse at a time until I had it memorized and then we would move on to the next verse until finally I had it all.

She was the one who would buy us our clothes and throw us huge birthday parties and grad parties. She even gave me her car when I turned 18 cause my mother couldn't afford it (that's what she says). She would call me up on the phone and we could talk for hours. We would sit in her big ole' bed at night and watch Jay Leno and laugh our butts off. I used to do her paper route with her and clean houses. Any and every time I was with her we would just laugh and laugh. Good therapy for the both of us.

Nana has always been the one to try and push me out of my comfort zone and get me to do bigger and better things. She was the one who knew 'I just needed to be a model'. I can always tell her anything and she'll listen and give the best advice. There have been times when we haven't spoke for months on end because we live in a drama full family but at the end of the day, she's my hero.

She works her butt off just to get a buck and she treats all of us with respect and love. I mean c'mon the lady has 5 kids and about 8 grand kids. She's wonder women. Not a day goes by that she isn't on my mind and not a night goes by that I don't wish I could give back to her in some way. I always said if I won the lotto, I'd buy her her dream home and car. She has worked too hard in her life not to be treated like a queen. And it makes me sad to see how some of us treat her. She's made mistakes, but haven't we all? Isn't the key to life forgiveness? Some days I wish she were my mother, but then again, if she were, I probably wouldn't be so kind right now. Funny how life works.

The day she leaves us will be the hardest day in my life. She is beautiful on the outside and has the kindest heart anyone should have. I want to be able to say I'm just like my nana when I'm 65. And I want to slap every single one of her kids for the way they act. But I could also slap myself for somethings I have done to her.

My point is, I think everyone should cherish their grand parents for they are the ones with wisdom and the ones who teach you what your parents missed. I love you Nana D, you are my heart, even on my bad days :)
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