Friday, November 23, 2012 Diane Ogden

 I have lived at the same address for nine years.  I moved from a 3,500 sq.foot home to an 1,100 sq. foot apartment and that might be stretching it, with one storage bin in the parking garage.  That being said, I have stuffed things into that bin, plus borrowed two others from young EPIC (large computer corporation) renters who mostly travel for their job.  There is no good ventilation in the parking garage so one of the tenants showed me how to hook up a fan in my storage bin and run it off the complex so my personal items would not MOLD!! That has worked out well so far.  I just kept getting more and more items piling up in the bins.  Sooo I took the day off!  Yup, I have enough food and gas so I let the $ go and stayed home for some much needed r & r.  Obviously I have a problem sitting still sometimes because I cleaned out all three bins.  Mine and the ones I borrowed.  Actually my daughter helped me thank the Lord.  Something very unexpected happened to me while I was cleaning out.  I found history.  The beautiful Victorian Christmas ornaments I placed ever so gently each year for twenty years on a 7.5 foot white flocked full tree.  The white birds, the pink and gold brushed glass balls, tons of pink roses, pink and creme colored ribbons, pearls, crystals, and many antique ornaments such as Victorian Skaters and cherubs.  I also decided to retire my old 1980 Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine!  You cannot imagine the things I created with that old girl.  After a while it was time to hit the blue plastic bins all stacked up in the corner.  Clothes!!
I found the dress I wore to my 15 year class reunion.  Do note the kid wearing it in the photo below and do note I will be trying that dress on just to see if it still fits. Then I shall prance around my small square footage abode in my dress and athletic shoes passing each mirror saying, "Good Girl!"
Then I found a box of 35 mm slides that my Nana left to me of all her and Grandad's travels around the United States. They both passed away many many years ago.  And there was my garden Angel, a gift from a dear friend, but no garden anymore.  A chandelier I planned to use in an outdoor display but I have no outdoor "no more!"  Planter boxes that do not fit on the rod iron railings of my porch. The tool box my dad put together for me which I KEPT and is pictured below.  My great great Grandmother's plant stand which I also kept.  A plastic Sterlite bin full of buttons. One of many that I collect for some reason.  And a small bin of potpourri hearts I create out of old vintage jewelry and vintage buttons.  I do wish I had time to do more of that.  Three Sears Catalogs which I also have a collection of.  About seventy five bottles of watercolor paints, brushes, and a color wheel. And would you believe my beat up box of AFLAC ducks when pressed scream A F L A C! Now that is a good memory of the time I was very successful in Oklahoma and Texas! The red box is the tool box below my Dad made me years ago as I said.  He has since passed away but I have the tools I need to continue my life.  The bottom and last photo is another one of the collages made from old jewelry and buttons.  A Western theme. Oh Lord I found my old work out spandex pants!  I may try them on too.  There was more, but you get the idea.  A lot of my HISTORY is now at Goodwill. I am sure only good spirits are traveling with my "things."

 So until I clean out my closets and under my well, be happy, be safe, and get rich just for the heck of it.  It's fun!  p.s. I see I put the horseshoe on the Western collage upside down.  Crap, it cant catch the good spirits and hold them in for me.  I must fix that.

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