Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Luck? Diane Ogden

 This is what came to greet me today as I was leaving a clients home.  The day after Halloween no less.  Her name is Aretha Franklin and she is prowlin if you cant tell.  As well as not allowing me to leave for sure.  I would not say she has a welcoming face or for that matter a welcoming demeanor either.  I stood there thinking what she might be thinking.  Was she trying to communicate something to me?  Was it good?  Was it not good? (you know, evil?)  Was she just curious climbing on my hood and over the door and into the car?  Was she my Dad? (I know I know not Dad!)  What if she wouldn't get out so I could leave? What did Aretha Franklin want with mwah?  Maybe she was just bored and I happened to be in her driveway.  Anyway I just remembered this cat (they have one other grey kitty too) and the other grey one walk to the park with the family and hang out, lay around, picnic, and so on with the mom and dad and two lil ones. I am serious...they don't run off and then they walk back home with the fam.  I have proof as I have seen the photos of them laying at the park with the fam.on facebook.  How much better can it get?  Well it could be better if Ms Franklin would mozie on out of my space so I could go home.  She did when she was darn good and ready and not before!  I didn't argue or shoo shoo her off, nope.  Any cat that walks to the park with her fam and walks back is smarter than......"other cats."  Brilliant deduction huh?  That being said, I let her do her thing and just stood there waiting for however long that took. And then I left and so did she.  I "ain't" dead so Aretha must not have carried any negs into my means of transportation. Still I "wonder" if she isn't my old dead auntie Mildred.  A normal real live real cat cannot walk to the park, stay with fam and walk home!  It must be Aunt Mildred. Now that I have solved the scared of the black cat issue, you all be safe, be well, be happy, and don't be scared of black cats.  They are merely your old aunts reincarnated and begging to still be allowed to drive past their time.  Cant cha tell?

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