Thursday, November 8, 2012

D-3 = Laughing Diane Ogden

So I rec'd a letter in the mail today from the local University Hospital telling me that basically they had been snooping in my files.  It told me what I already new about myself.  That I had moderately low vitamin D levels.  Now here is the funny.  They want me to do one of those trial studies.  You know where they pay you to be a guinea pig.  Yup and I "ain't no" pig of any kind last time I looked. Here WAS their deal:  One year study,  no Vitamin D intake for the entire year, two day hospital stay at some point which was not mentioned, do my own blood and urine samples daily or weekly I do not recall, and for all that chitzola I will get $1,000.00.   ARE THEY NUTZ?  If I didn't take my D-3 for a year I might be dead from zero laughter and depression.  If I miss my D-3 or forget it for a week or so I find myself in an unhappiness state of mind.  These folks couldn't pay me $10,000 to give up my happy pill.  Well, I might have to think about that one before I walked on past.  Humm.....I bet the blood tests are to make sure I am not cheating.  Obviously that crossed my mind. Hey I said it crossed my mind it didn't stay!
That is my silly but real news for today besides the fact I ate an entire banana before bed and now I am awake since lil past midnight taking tums.  I ate it so I would not wake up to those nasty leg cramps.  You know, from low potassium intake.  Well how'd this work for me?  Notsogood....  So until I eat too much before bed, or some University wants to study my body, (they would seem to be the only ones interested in said body) be well, be happy, (D-3) be safe......and get rich so you do not have to even think twice about doing one of those scary university medical studies...jjjeeeezzz!
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