Friday, November 2, 2012

Cleopatra Lives...... by Diane Ogden

 I bet you guessed it already. This is Cleopatra.  And she is alive because of mwah.  Hey, its good KARMA.  Keeps the bad ones outta my bed get it?  No not men, icky black hairy critters.... yes I
know some men are exactly like that and I have known my share.  BUT....Cant write that book unless
my whole family gets swallowed up all at once by a tsunami and we don't live by the watta!  What does that tell your imagination mind. That book is somewhere in the cells of me brain and wont be going anywhere else. Unless I get mad at all of them and that is a sincere possibility.  So sit tight cause that would be a hellova book indeed.  Back to my point.  KARMA.  This is a "Daddy Long Legs,"  not the silent comedy-drama starring Mary Pickford. Not  the musical starring Fred Astaire, Not the thoroughbred racehorse either, nope this is her majesty Cleopatra....and she lives on week after week behind a beautiful stainless steel recycle bin at a clients home.  Shhh I don't want them to know because I like them too.  And she isn't hurting anyone.  In fact I Googled Daddy Long Legs to check on it.  They do carry venom but they do not express it on humans like we express ourselves onto them. SQUISH like shit! Bad KARMA man.  If I thought it would harm my clients I would suck leo up into the vacuum and empty it outside in the trash receptacle and let it work on livin!  But really these lil guys and gals don't hurt anyone so I let them live.  Cleopatra lives on until either they find her and whack her out, or one of the dogs gets her, or she climbs into the safe trash for food and oops, it gets taken out as she does....  heck maybe she'll make it to the dump site and finally be in her real heaven.  I believe we are all one, big and little (Cleopatra included) unless danger abounds and then it is him or I.  That be a diff story.  Then I snuff em out just like war.  Suppose I should have taken her outside but dadgum its cold out there.  I once had a client (its an old blogpost) who trapped a mouse in the house, drove it to a park, and let it go.  They were two psychologists...go figure huh?  They told me they kept getting collect calls from the park..."Come get me, the snow is too deep and I'm hungry." I laughed.
Of course you and I don't believe that but what a funny from a shrinko huh?  So until I find and save another critter, or get spooked by another black safe, be happy, and be well because its now very cold in Wisconsin. And ............(get rich so you can start a save the spider farm..)  DUH jut kidding....I do kill them all the time but not Cleopatra cause she is one of those long legged safe ones.
eeww, eeewww...I was scared "It" was going to jump on me when I was photographing it....then I remembered daddy long legs aren't jumpers....Lucky for you Cleopatra
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