Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Heaven's are on Fire..................by Diane Ogden

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I was driving home from work this evening around 6:30 p.m. when I couldn't help but notice the
sky.  Trying to drive and watch this strange sky was in itself an interesting fete, feet, feat??  I think the last feat is right.  You get it!  My first thought was that the Heavens were on fire but that is impossible.  As I come to a ridge it became even more stunning......it was a beautiful sunset, but the clouds were angry.  It was good and bad all squashed together.  Squashed would be my college word for intertwined with an  anger beyond this world and a meshing with a godlike energy from someplace we can only vision in a dreamlike state. Yah thats what squashed is in this context.  A beauty beyond the earth is what I saw.  And a horror racing to meet it to see who might come out ahead.  I wasn't frightened although I thought I should be as I had never seen such a combination of awesome beauty and fiery fear so close together. Well maybe my last husband and I would qualify.  Only in my mind but never in reality had I seen such fearsome beauty.  Yet there it was and I was driving and couldn't reach my real camera on the floor in my purse so I used my Samsung Galaxy II in a moving vehicle to capture these amazing shots.  The latter a bit blurry but shows the anger of the clouds.  So many colors....so many emotions of the atmosphere showing their power.  I wondered if anyone else saw beyond the limits of their minds  what I was seeing.  I wondered if my Dad saw it better than I did as he died a couple months ago.  So does that mean he is closer to it?
Or am I?  Was he scared? Was he in awe of it as I was?  Probably he was in awe.  It was like heaven and hell were about to meet for the first time and get it on and it was any body's bet who would win because each was equally awesome by my human viewing.  Of course I want to say the positive won, and it must have because I didn't blow up and see what comes next or see my Dad. 
The sun just continued to set itself in the west in a spectacle beyond my imagination....and the rain in the clouds dissipated and took its grey and purple hues with it....and it all worked out as it usually does, one way or the other.
So be well, be happy (the planet didn't blow up), and be safe.....and get rich so you can buy a better camera to take raging sunset photos of!

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