Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pillow Diane Ogden

I have a client and his wife that sleep with so many pillows I lost count. Trying to make a bed with twenty pillows is impossible.  I actually told the hubbs of the bed, one day, that they might be happier with a FEATHER BED!  Seriously.  So now here I am.....driving to Target and purchasing two more new pillows and one super super soft cover for my body pillow so I can sleep better.  If I added up the money I have spent for the pillows, covers, pillow top mattress's, puffy matress covers, and so on I could have bought a temperpedic by now!!  Jeeezz.  P.S.  My son, his wife, and all three of his children have temperpedic's! Me, I sleep in a hole!  A lousy cheap topper that doesn't work so well and that I sink into.  Guess it's time for me to get a, well a half a temperpedic anyway.....  You know, one of those few inch toppers to replace the pillow top with the sinking hole that has been turned too many times to work anymore.  So until I find a decent bed, be happy, I AM, and be well, I AM, and be safe, I AM, except for I need a decent sleeping hole.....and get rich so you can buy a temperpedic or a good old feather bed like Grannie used to have.  Except they don't clean up so "good."  Nite..... We'll see if the new pillows work tonight.
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