Monday, October 29, 2012

People are RUDE/People are KIND? Diane Ogden

I am for the most part a very positive person.  Not all the time but I try more than hard to pull it off as much as this human can humanely do so.  Yet as I am in the public every day and driving around the city every day (by the way one of those companies that GIVE away advertising cars should call me!) what I really see most of the time is RUDE people.  Rude, crude, and nasty people.  They give me finger signs on the highway, fists, horns, shouts, pull in front of me, and make faces. In stores they butt in, run into me, steal the last piece or bag of whatever, pretend I don't exist, stare me down, and if I had my dog with me they would kick it!  Okay so maybe I overexaggerated some for effect.  Of course there are nice folks out there as well.  Just not enough.  No smiles, no one helps the little old lady across the street, or the little old man with a cane in one hand and his leaf blower in the other!  I saw him and had no place to pull over and help.  O M G chit I really lost sleep over that one. He must have been 85 for the love of God or someone. 
I notice that people really don't shine until there is a tornado, a fire, a hurricane,  a flood, or any disaster. Well except for the exceptions such as EMT's and such. Maybe that is why we have disasters! To keep us humans humane.  The good book mentions that  God gives a brother for adversity.  Damn I never understood that until now.  Then again do I really understand that?
Hey listen, I could write a post saying how equally KIND people are in all my travels.  Just seems there is more Idc (I don't cares) then kind and happy people.  I smile at people everywhere and most just look at me like I have something wrong with me. Or they wonder what they missed.  I should walk around looking up at the sky and smiling. LOL. Just to see how many humans would look up and ? SMILE?  I know this isn't happy news or even that interesting but it is true. So until I come across something funny or interesting be well, be safe, be happy, and SMILE.  They say it lets your endorphins out the brain shoot.  And get rich so you can help that poor sucker standing by the stoplight holding a piece of cardboard that says, "Need Money, Homeless. Will Work."  Humm I must have eatin something sad.  Or its the FULL MOON.  I 'll be fine, I have chocolate and maybe a todie before beddie. 
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