Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mr. Spider Meets His Demise! ......by Diane Ogden

This spider was not on the bath mat hanging over the shower rod!!  It was SUSPENDED from the ceiling and it was spinning it web for ME!   I walked into my bathroom and nearly hit this little bugger head on!  I stopped DEAD in my tracks as he was eye level......  Who wants to have a head on collision with a spider in your bathroom?  Not me.   I am sooo happy I caught sight of that lil bugger before we hit.  eeww eeeww eeeww...  That said, I grabbed some tissue and squished Mr. Spider inside it and then flushed his sorry soul down the toilet.  You see I usually take Mr. Spider's outside and let them go and let them live.  Not this time!  He was in my space literally.  And my bathroom is close to my bed!  So he's dead.  No need to worry.  Later, it's late! Be safe!  nite
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