Sunday, October 21, 2012

Copps are Diane Ogden

You know, Copps. Owned by Roundy's.  The place where Bob puts his picture on all the paper bags. When I look at those bags all I can "think" of, and its my opinion, "Hi, I'm Mr. Important Bob and I'm here to Rob!  You! Copps Grocery Stores bought all the Pic N Save's where you don't Save anymore.  Sometimes if you spend hours on coupons and go the day they say instead of the day you say. I mean to tell you a bit of a story.  I  had to stop at Copps last night (only if I have to) because I couldnt find raw peanuts at Super Target, and Roundy's has the best Medium Cheddar Cheese anyway and I was out. They did have every diff kind of nuts but the ones I needed. Hello big boy I talked to who does ordering, didn't your Mama  teach you!A woman would have made sure to order raw peanuts. It is near Holiday Season and peanuts are important to all the little mommies and Grammies and aunties who bake.  It was getting late and the little dog was in the car waiting so I bought some crushed peanuts in bags. The kind from the plastic barrels you have to use twist tie and skew # on. These were all bagged up on a display with other bagged specialties.   No price anywhere. I get to the checkout with my two bags and find out one bag is $5.70 and the other is $6.98!!!!!! S H U T U P! Put your hands together like a fist like you are going to pray. That is how big the bag was. They were being robbers again. $6.99 a pound was the price not posted. That would have costs me $12.68 for peanuts for my ONE BATCH of cookies. Really? Copps are Robbers! Of course I put one bag back and bit the bullet on the other one so as not to have to drive cross town for raw peanuts at 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.  Every item, okay not every item but 90% of all items in that store are 75 cents to $1.00 more than other stores.  I do know of a couple other stores like that but their products are better.  One time I went in there and peaches were $3.45 a pound where other stores were selling them for $1.99 a pound. Funny thing is they rotted. Who in there right mind would pay that for itty bitty peaches?  This post may not be very interesting.  It would be if I had a video of me standing at that checkout when I discovered the bag of nutz was going to be $6.98!  I pitched a quiet, controlled, to the point fit.  "Get them outta here, thank you!"
Okay so I didn't say that!  I did say. "Seriously?  Really? That would be around $13.00 (I couldn't add up the total that fast in my head without using my fingers so I rounded off to the Roundy's people) That is Robbery, I said!"  Just as the big boy from Produce was checking himself out on the aisle next to me.  He probably thought what a crotchety old lady she is.  Or he knew he got caught with no jail time.  More likely the first thought. I will be buying the raw peanuts elsewhere and a new nut chopper. (No not for the big boy in produce . LOL Until next time, be safe, be happy, and be well.  Oh and get rich so you don't care what peanuts cost and so you don't feel the need to tell the world Copps are Robbers.  I cant get sued can I?  I think there's that Freedom of Speech and all unless that's been changed too.  They cant sue me!  The politicians are outlying each other right and left as I type.
Love, Love, and Later..........
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