Friday, October 19, 2012

Babb's Diane Ogden

Babbette called.  She is a special person I met a few years ago through my son Chris.  My Dad, who has since passed loved her. Said my son knows how to pic a woman!  She, Babbette can sing like bird.  She sang "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates" for Dad and he went nutz with glory.  I wanted so much for her to come back and sing to him before he died but she wasnt able to.  Babbs is an intelligent gypsy.  She lives near the Redwoods in California....loves the sunsets, shaved her head to give her hair to locks of love and is now bald! But she cares not.  She has taught me more than any teacher I ever had.  Math hasn't helped me live the good life.  State History was stupid considering most of us MOVED hello! But english lit I do wish I would have paid more attention as I love to write.  I have two unpublished novels and several childrens books sitting in a drawer.  Maybe confidence is the answer. Ya think?  Attitude and confidence IS the answer.  Could you shave your head and walk around with mega confidence knowing who you are inside?  Damn right, especially if you lived in a small town in Northern Cali near the Giant Redwoods where if you merely brushed agaisnt them you would be changed.  The old "hug a tree" is small talk compared to a Redwood and its energy.  Boy would I like to be sitting at the base of a Redwood about now.  Since I am not I might go hug my slim and skinny palm tree out in the sunroom.  OMG!  Not even close, but who knows, maybe! If I were to hug any tree out in front of my apartment complex I would only have to hope no one is looking!  I have to say if I saw a woman out front hugging a tree I would ghasp and then I would quickly change that human thought and totally understand.  When Babbs came to visit once it was in the spring/summer when the birds had mated and baby birdies were being born.  Every year for 7 years the Swallows of Madison Wisco would attack, well okay, SWOOP on my dog and I every time we left he building. It was like they hated us and no one else.  Babbs said the Swallows were sending me a message so I listened and actually told them "I got  it," then right at that exact time a finch made a nest on my porch in a potted hanging plant.  No kidding, baby finches in there.  I had to water that plant very carefully so as not to water any baby finches.  I did some research and discovered (as Babbs had told me) that the finches bring peace.  They played interference between myself and the Swallows.  And by God and the Universe I have never been swooped on again since.  I am speaking the truth!  Seven years of those Swallows scaring my dog and I and Bam, DONE!  There is an old blog from about 09 regarding the Finches.  One day last week I was searching for a photo and came across a pic I took of the Father Finch. He always came to visit me when I came out onto the porch.  So I took his pic several times.  Suddenly now three years later I notice an aura around the Father Finch.  I suspect, no I know he was sent from the next world for me! 
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