Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn Leaves Diane Ogden

Creative title huh?  Notsomuch! Who cares because today I am still alive for another years changing of the leaves.  My Granddaughter spent the weekend with me and while on a couple errands she got my camera out of my purse which I never leave the house without.  I tend to prefer my cannon sure shot to my Samsung Galaxy II for better pics.....  Anyway she started taking photos out the car window while we were driving.  Car moving and all!  I did stop at our local Channel 3 WISC-TV parking lot in Madison Wisco where it sits atop a hill.  While there my Granddaughter stood on the edge of an area of the car one would have called the running board in the "olden days,"  and took some still shots.  The rest are while the car was moving.  Grand is twelve years old and did a fine job. 
All these pictures are less than a mile from where I live.  Glad I am on the outskirts of the city this time of year.... The weeping willows and covered wagon are just down the road.  None of the pictures are retouched except that one.  I enhanced the green some. Enjoy!

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