Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where's the Dentist?

It would be easier for me to find a monkey to look into my mouth than a real board certified dentist these days.  Every one of them so far....... wants a full mouth x-rays that cost as much as a bad used car.  Then they want a treatment plan which cost as much as a new car.  Or here's a biggy!  You can go your city's covered stadium center and stand with approximately 5,000 people waiting to lay down in one of 300 pre set up reclining chairs to get minimal care.  Such as pulling that tooth you have been trying to find a dentist to save without paying him your life savings.  Do you get it?  Its POLITICAL!  The Dentist is now a corporation.  The Dentist corporation pays the Insurance corporation.  The only thing being built in my city is Health Care offices, Banks, and Insurance Companies.  They have a game plan and it is working.  Against me of course.  If I lived closer to the Mexican border I would cross it and get my TOOTH fixed for a reasonable amount.  Or if I could find a monkey, that might work too.  I can remember "the good ole days."  The days when you could charge milk and bread at the corner store for your parents.  When your dentist cared about your pain and fixed you and got paid a reasonable amount. When the doctor could spend some time with you vs 15 minutes/get out now! ! @ $175+.  When no one got sued for smiling wrong. And yadda yadda yadda.  It is what is!  Anyone know where I can find a monkey-dentist? 
Well until next time when I run into something funny, wrong, or life changing, be well, be safe, and be happy and for the love of God and the Universe and your teeth - GET RICH so you can pay the greedy bastards to fix your teeth.  p.s. Costs over $3,000 for one crown and implanted tooth.  ONE!!  And that's not a root canal which costs around $2,000.  ONE TOOTH.  GREED!  Simple Greed.
 Where have all the dentists gone, good time cleanings,
where have all the dentists, long time ago!
Who wrote that song?
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