Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today we went ABOVE and beyond the call of duty!  We unscrewed a bathroom ceiling vent and as my helper held it down and brushed the mega dust off it..........."it" pulled itself (humm) away from it wiring.  Oh yeah!  I stood there starring up at her holding the vent and both of us looking at the exposed wires.  Not good.  While she was cleaning it I was saying, "Be careful of the wires , be careful of the wires."   After this happened I took the still dirty vent to the kitchen and cleaned it like new!  I emailed my client telling her to call maintenance and for Lordie sakes don't touch the wires.  Even though touching them would mean she would have to climb on a chair/ the toilet seat/ a step stool.  Still...... made me nervous.  What good is a sparkling clean vent that isn't hooked up.  Actually I left it proudly laying on the kitchen table.  What the hell was I so proud of?  We flippin broke it.  Some people are so into clean they cant see reality.  Me!  No I am not anal.  You know over the top on any one subject.
I have not heard from my client.  Maybe I should be the one to give a word to her first considering I started this mess.  I think I'm afraid.   Of what?  Going above and beyond the call of duty?
Not of those two wires coming apart and hanging out of the ceiling.  Sort of reminds me of cleaning a refrigerator and then suddenly it dies.  What good is that?  This is not a funny.  But then I betcha it will all turn out 100% wonderful because that vent was disgusting and maybe even dangerous.  Why it could have started its own little bon-ceiling-fire with all that lint to work with.  So we saved their lives and don't ever forget it.  Then again there are the whirlpool people tubs that need serious hot water and vinegar run through them for at least an hour to detox them so they don't kill someone.   Not funny huh?  I saw a license plate today that said, "ALSWELL."    It was mine!  And it is true.   So until next time I leave live wires hanging out of a clients ceiling, be well, be happy, be SAFE, and get rich so you don't have to deal with dirty bathroom vents. 
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