Friday, September 14, 2012

The Lights Went Out.....Only on the Guage I Diane Ogden

This would be the dash of my Buick!  My Buick with a broken gas gauge as you can see on the right it reads YELLOW HELLO EMPTY!  So vs taking the dash apart at a fee of nearly $1,000 to fix that gauge, I opted to use the trip set.  Every 300 miles I fill it up again.  Suddenly the other day the lights went out on the digital trip set/mileage/Park Nuetral Reverse Drive 1 2 3 or something like that.  I cant even tell if I am in N or D!  And I cannot tell when I need an oil change.  So I ran over to Meineke and then the Auto Parts Store where a nice young man checked my fuses and then told me the digital "Died" in my dash.  Humm.  He said a back yard mechanic could by pass the gauge.  Huh? I said.  For now I will have to put gas in every few days.  How fun.  At least the price of gas wont seem as high as it really is.  I am kinda mad that particular light or digital died.  I could have lived easier without a speedometer, or the heat light.  But no the gear/mileage/tripset decided to croak.  Okay I'm fine.  It certainly could have been worse.....  Maybe I will just go and buy a new car.  Then again, maybe not.  No car payment is worth a lot of mental peace!  The old saying,
Why fix it if it isn't broke is an intelligent saying?  The Buick isn't broke, it is only wounded slightly so we're good, me and the Buick.  So until next time or I find something really funny, be safe, be happy, and be well, and for the sake of a good life, get rich so you can have working gauges in your car. Or so you can buy a new one.

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