Sunday, September 16, 2012

Princess, Princess, Princess.... by Diane Ogden

A girl is never too old to wannabe a princess.  A girl is too old if she never figures out how to leave the MAN out of the Princess word/effect/syndrome/equation!  That would be the used to be wannabe princess me who has evolved to the place of watching Will and Kate and appreciating the true sense of the word Princess.  Although I cant say I didn't enjoy parts of  the wannabe royalty ride.  Princess Grace of Monaco was who I always wanted to mentor myself after.  Some would truly find some humor in that.  But then if it pulled me "back" from some of my generational curses from hell to a place of accidental acceptance in some circles....well then hoorah for The Princess Grace of Monaco Spirit!~   My Grandchildren "twins" and I went shopping yesterday and they begged for tiara's.  So they got tiara's from Hells Gate China (Wal Mart)! And they let Nana try one on...  How fun was that as well as it reminded me of all those times I got to play princess in life. Although I have learned to leave the man out of the plan.  I can be a princess or a queen in my robe with a tiara on and have peace to boot!  I love peace.....    So until I find another old memory or new man to try on, or something funny which Nana's wearing tiara's is. Be well, be safe, be happy, and get rich so it's easier.  I am rich, by the way. 
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