Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Panic Horn...... by Diane Ogden

This is a mock picture of Aretha Franklin, one of my clients cats who used to be an indoor cat and have now become an indoor/outdoor cat.  A fact I forgot I was told a month ago.  So today when I arrived and opened the door Aretha ran out like a shot!  I freaked!  Trying to be calm and follow Aretha into the back yard where the legal city Chicken Coop also exists was a joke in itself.  I am whining to Aretha....saying in the whinier voice, "OMG Aretha, stop please you cannot get lost on my watch, okay? Wait, stop!"  I did carefully catch her, pick her up all the time scared she would claw me like a crazed lion.  Well, she didn't and in fact she was as scared of me as I was of her.  I got her into the back door only to have the husband of the house call and tell me she can go outside.  So back out the front door she went!  About an hour later my helper was taking a break outside at her car....   I was working in the kitchen when I heard a familiar horn honking.  I knew I had not touched my keys.  Then thought maybe my helper had accidentally pushed the panic horn button while getting something out of the car...... but it wasn't stopping!  So I ran outside where I saw my helper walking back across the street to my car with her arms in the air saying, I don't know!
I got to my car and there were my keys laying on the front seat undisturbed and there was Aretha in the back seat scared nutz cause the horn was going off very loudly.  I opened the door for her and grabbed the keys.  I kept hitting the button and nothing happened.  My helper took the keys and hit the proper button.  I had been hitting the trunk button not the stop panic horn button.  I have anxiety issues and loud noises make me goofy nervous.  Obviously or I would have known the diff between a trunk and a horn button.  As for Aretha......she was back in the car twice more before I left for the day.  Imagine a black cat jumping in your car window and precisely stepping on that one tiny red button.  Hey, before I saw the cat I thought it was my dad who passed away in June sending me a message......trying to tell me not to go to the dentist on Friday.  I am not kidding!  (I have to have a tooth extracted)  Dad gets blamed for a lot of strange things in my life such as bugs landing on me and so on.  I know better ( I think.)  Guess I have to go to the dentist.  So until a black cat crosses my path or jumps in my car, or my Dad lands on my shoulder as a well, be safe, be happy, and get rich so you can have a $3,000 tooth implant (or not.) 
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