Saturday, September 22, 2012

LuLuBelle...... by Diane Ogden

This is LuLuBelle.  Where do I start.  She lived with Gracie Allen (6 lb ChiPom) and LucyLou (rescue feral) when she was an itty bitty kitty.  Then she moved away with my 22 year old daughter to a house where people came and went, sometimes not so nice people.  Then she moved back with us again, and then out again!  The last couple times she got moved she FREAKED!  Daughter brought her back here a mental mess.  We thought she would remember Gracie and LucyLou but notsomuch.  If she remembered she didn't care cause she was mad as hell.  I couldn't touch her or she would attack my arm and hand.  She tore up everything in front of her paws.  My sofa, my chairs, my beautiful area rugs, my bed, my grandmothers antique red velvet tufted sofa I slept on when I was four.  Long assie time ago!  You are wondering why I didn't just throw her out the front door or at least take her to the HU-MANE society?  Number one I couldn't pic her up to kick her out. LOL.   Number two - I have a bad habit of rescuing men, children, and animals.  I stay far away from prisons if you get my drift!!  On occasion LuLuBelle will come into my bed in the middle of the night and sit on my chest.  I open my eyes to what appears to be evil sometimes.  You rule LuLu and I don't move.  Then suddenly out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning she sprints off my chest and in one long bound is gone!  Its enough to wake up the dead which I am wondering if someone hasn't inhabited her being.  Just kidding oh Lord I hope I am...   Okay so she is wounding LucyLou which cost me $266.00 the last time.  Its been ten months people.  Time for this cat to adjust.  Oh I forgot to tell you she developed a nervous disorder where she hysterical licking of his flanks and back which moves autonomously, like shivering. Its called Feline hyperesthesia syndrome.  I call it PTSD from too many moves and some abuse to boot.
Read more: Neurological Disorders in Cats - VetInfo
I bought some Comfort Zone Spray which helped some.  It calms them all down and makes them all new.  Notsomuch!   So after the vet bill of $266 for wounds to the head on LucyLou I came home with a Comfort Zone PLUG IN at $40.00 a crack.  And I am telling you that is working!  Although I think I need two, do the math - $80 a month.  I could have her declawed but I cant pick her up. doi.  She still rules.  Wish they had these plug in's for humans.  I'd still be married and have dental insurance.  Some things are better left behind.... 
As you can see by the photos we are making serious progress unless she is just trying to show me she's boss considering I had a lot of work to do on that computer today.  humm.  She is still sleeping on it right now.  I think it is because it is warm.  Hey, LuLu-B  I have a heating pad going on over here.  At least the keys aren't all xxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzz - ing ...and my Amazon order seems to still be on the screen behind her.  I had set a piece of paper on the keyboard which saved her and I a lot of issues.  Let's hope LuLu will turn a corner and become a loving (did I say loving??) part of this little family.  And when I wake up with her on my chest I see a different eye looking at me in the dark.
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