Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hairballs Hairballs Diane Ogden

That would be ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of cat food that will hermetically break apart hairballs in the body of my cat that has OCD hairballs.  Some cats may have GAD hairballs, but mine has both.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of the licking hair.  And Generalized Anxiety Disorder of the scared to death so licks the hair.  Result:   Cant poop!  Sits in litter box looking at me with those huge blue eyes and cries.  So I walk over and pet this cat like its a kid who needs to pueck which is what actually  happens due to hairballs in the belly also.  Poor kitty poo who cant poo.  And that is why I spent ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to help correct this "tight" situation.  The food will last for and extended six months for sure.  I did get concerned today about where it is produced.  I mean I have had it with CHINA!  They killed my 19 year old cat on the last recall.  Now I hear they are killing dogs with their chicken jerky.  Sooo....I read each and every label.  IAMS is from Ontario, Canada.  Chicken Soup for Cat Lovers is from Meta, Missouri, Eukanuba is also from Ontario, Canada, and Purina One is fromVevey, Switzerland. china word in there anywhere.  That alone speaks cures for the purrs.  That and the $80 I just spent at for the Feliway plug in's that are "drugs in the air" to calm the felines.  Hoping they will be too drunk to lick anything.  Reminds me of an old Kris Kristopherson song where he wakes up in jail and his mouth tastes like he'd been lickin somethin sick and wrong.  Bingo.....that's what I am hoping for.  Drunk cats!  They will be healthy though.  A cat that cant poo is no good.  I do feel sorry for the other cat that can poo.  So far its okay.  No problems. No extra poo going on.  I give that one extra treats for having to deal.
Went to the local pet store today.  They informed me that are now changing over to all American made cat/dog/horse/sheep/etc. food.  Wow.  That is great news.  Maybe not as funny as me petting my cat while she is crying and trying to poo pebbles, but great news. 
So until I "run into" something funny or weird or entertaining...  Be Happy, Be Well (do not eat cat food or any food from China) Be Safe, (do not take any meds from China) and get rich so you can get a lawyer in case your cat or dog dies from tainted greedy American companies buying chinese animal food with poison fillers. 
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