Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Effing Diane Ogden

I hated school.  I hated my second grade teacher Mrs. Shit I forgot her name!  How could I forget the woman that spanked me in front of the whole class.  She pulled up my dress and hit me with a paddle showing my underware. Then she put me in the bathroom alone in a corner.  Yes indeed.  Mrs. Bergman.  Ha I remembered your name dead old lady!  See when do bad stuff people remember forever.  I forgive you but I remember.  And that was only second grade.  Then there was 4th grade Mrs. Kesnick who slapped me across my face in front of the entire class.  Nope not a Catholic School, just the old days...  50's.  Then there was the wonderful Mr. Horvath who took extra time to help me in math....  quiet old man I honor to this day....  Then it was pretty much downhill due to a dyslexia issues. Which brings me to the title, first day of effing school.  I called my grands tonight to say "Hey how was your first day?"  I heard good from one Granddaughter, and bad from the twin Granddaughters.  One twin told me her bestie made ten new friends and she made no new ones.  The other twin said, "Not so good Nana, so and so made fun of me." Yet they have their lockers next to each other and they have lunch together and recess.  I didn't think 5th graders had recess anymore.  I told them they were soooo lucky to have those times together. (womb time hello!) The girls have learning challenges so I sure understand. But they are totally creative brained, forgot if that is left or right, and that will get them far in life. They just don't know it yet.  That is  if given the proper confidence and social skills, it will.
So my little precious people's first day.... God and all the good spirits be with you your first days of school. It's not easy but you can do it.  I pray for the millions of you that you have someone to tell you YOU CAN DO IT and no matter your learning challenges there is a way for YOU.  As there was for me. There were less than one handful to tell me I could do it, and I pray there are a bountiful to tell you because times have changed....BUT NOT ENOUGH. I send you lil ones a great day tomorrow. And I send you big ones the same!  Be well, be happy, be safe, and get rich so it doesn't matter.  That's America now.  $ makes it not matter. duh
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