Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doctors, Lawyers, and Candlestick Diane Ogden

I have been in the service industry for many years. That means about five point five.  In that time I have accumulated some amazingly wonderful clients.  Many Physicians, Doctors of this and that, Scientists, Computer Program Engineers, Lawyers, a minister, a famous congressman, and even one that works with Michelle Obama...  I am an amazingly lucky human being.  I love observing people.  You see I gave up on the participating with human beings such as family and husbands and children because the "let down" is what I consider a badlife experience.  Now I make sure I am in "OBSERVE MODE" which means no drama.   And its fun.  Like sitting at the mall at the food court and watching the many faces of the many people go by.  And I mean that in wide terms. Or like making a Wal Mart run.  Oh la la nasty sometimes.  So what's my point?  I have taken serious notice during said observations that my Doctors are on some different level than my Lawyers and such.  The Doctors are down to earth.  Basic.  They do have a lot of cash flow but its used differently.  I have other clients who spend on hair, accessories, box wine, parties.  Others who are x hippies and don't use bleach, or any chemicals whatsoever which is great.  There are those who travel more than they are home. I see it all.  It is hard to explain how I see these wonderful people all on different levels of life on earth and I appreciate them all.  Yet the doctors seem to all be on the same plane / same playing field.  I am no Freud but looks like there might be something to this observation  VS the ones that like to play miniature Jersey Housewives. your getting it.   I still like my imitation Atlanta/Jersey/L.A. Housewives hey comeon... they give me joy and some great ideas or dreams whichever, both are good.  But the docs give me hope!  They are real.  They are no flash, no fancy, they see life and death every day which makes them honor LIFE more and honor other human beings more.  They don't have the need for imitation anything.  (At least the clients I have and know.)  I am impressed! Not that I am not impressed with the non doctor clients believe me. I have the best of the best.   Thank you Universe.  So be happy, be safe, and be well until I find something else to chat about.  Oh and get rich so you can get some fancy flashy "stuff" as well as see a doctor and pay for it in case you don't work for some large corporation who mingles with another large corporation insurance company.  If you don't fit into the loop you in big trouble.  Today I was prescribed a small tube of creme which costs $175.00 which my insurance decided not to cover. I cant walk without it.  Not funny huh? I am laughing by the way.  Because I am one of the luckiest people on earth.  Just look at that list of clients. 
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