Monday, September 17, 2012

Chewing Chinese Penicillin....... by Diane Ogden

Yeah I know this is awful!  And considering the title you have probably guessed what it is.   I was on the phone with a friend listening intently to a story he was telling.  I also had a multitude of my own stories on my mind.  After all its Sunday and tomorrow is a new work week besides the tooth I have to have extracted and the groceries I need to purchase and the schedules and emails, and the cat that needs to be declawed who I am unable to catch and put in a crate!  And so on.  Oh and the rest of the laundry and dishes. Cant forget that.  Back to my point.  I am listening (obviously not intently) and notice it is time for the second daily dose penicillin pill.I usually eat something before I take it so it doesn't upset my tummy, not that anyone needs to know that much information.  While still listening I grabbed some cheese from the fridge. Notice the apparently uneaten cheese above the eaten cheese still with teeth marks. eeww.
I tossed a small piece of string cheese in my mouth and then decided on a small piece of cheddar.  I barely recall tossing the penicillin pill into my mouth after the cheese.  Suddenly my tongue is sensing a horrific bitter taste.  It took me all of two seconds to realize what I had done! My brain immediately said, "Oh my God China medicine from Wal Mart...its gotta be asphalt or dried white paint dust or pure poison for sure!" At which point I began to drop it out of my mouth onto the counter top probably also from China.  I know I know I have china-itis. Well jeez I just found out Chicken jerky from China is killing dogs.  So I went to my dog / cat cupboard and sure enough all my duck treats etc are from China where they eat dogs anyway.  So I have heard. And no I am not a redneck but I did hear they eat dogs. Back to my story.  Look at that picture. You can see the other half of the asphalt white powder paint with a dash of penicillin in it lying in the midst of my cheese.  YUK!
Considering the horrible taste, I grabbed new cheese, opened a strawberry yogurt and downed it, got some water and SWALLOWED a new China pill!  I'm good.   So until my next fiasco or I run into someone or something funny, be well, be safe, be happy, and get rich so you can buy American Made Penicillin. 

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