Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Present Memory.............by Diane Ogden

I know we don't live in Los Angeles, but just think of all those cars and in each car is one to six human beings.  All with a different life, different clothing, different thinking patterns, different DNA, different furniture, different taste buds, different parents, different cars, different shoes, and on and on.
When I was a child of about seven I recall riding in the back seat with no seat belt by the way (as it wasn't even an issue), watching people in other cars.  I still like to watch people in other cars except now I am driving which makes it more difficult yet no less appealing.   I do the same thing at the mall, at restaurants, at car washes, just everywhere  I see people. And I see them as though they were an extension of me.  Like if they were looking at me and I was looking back and could see through them.  I would be a stranger to them as they are to me.Yeah, so what?  I will tell you what.  All those strangers have a house or apartment, they have everything I said in the beginning of this post.  They are just like me. Living.  Only each and every one of them is different.  Don't you ever look at someone driving next to you and wonder what their life is like?  Do they wonder what mine is like?  Do they wonder if  I am happy, or sad, or if I just lost a loved one, or if  they loved dogs or trained horses, or were planning a trip, cooking out tonight, if they have cancer? Most don't wonder or care.  Why do I care? I just do.....Not that I am obsessive about it.  It's just interesting.  Most take every day for granted. So do I sometimes, but maybe not as much as most.  Yet I do wonder if those that don't care are less stressed. Not sure.  I am what I am.  I am a people watcher and yes I do laugh at the Wal Mart people every chance I get!  China would NEVER import our Wal Mart folks, yet we import their people...and products.   I think we should put our Wal Mart folks on a fast boat to China to get back at them for all the bad fish etc. they send us.  Oh, what do I know ?   That this post may not mean much to you until the next time you are driving on the freeway, no radio on, looking at the guy driving next to you, behind you, in front of you.  They are just another you! Maybe you could wish them well as you pass them.... So until then, or my next revelation or memory, be well, be safe, and be happy.  If I were any more happy today I would start floating!  And, oh, get rich so you can drive a nice car while you people watch.  
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