Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You Wont Believe this!.......by Diane Ogden

One of my facebook friends saw this today and sent it to me!  See comment below.  Made my day!

"We were following this today.  I took this as he was turning the corner.  It's hanging a little low in the rear.  I must have made the guy nervous
taking pictures because he did a u-turn and went the other way.  Too bad it wasn't pink or I would have bought it for you."

When my son saw the previous blog with the pink car and pink itty bitty dealie just like in this photo only pink......he said, "Would you really sleep in that Mom?"   I said, "Nope, but I would use it in my business as a gimmick to get more business!"

I love it!   So be well, be happy, be safe, and get rick so you can buy one heck of an RV to travel and or live in! You know the kind with a "terlit" and a shower and TV and all sort of good things.
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