Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lil Visitor..... by Diane Ogden

Finally something funny!! well sort of.  I have a porch and I purchased a baby net and installed it all around so my two cats couldn't get out into the world yet feel they were.  And it has worked for the most part for years.  Well there was the mouse, oh and the bat, and the chipmonk....... I get overconfident regarding my baby net.  My mind refuses to think about critters in my living area.  My mind shouldn't be so quick to refuse reality.  It has always done that and gotten me into a lot of troubles.  But on the other side of that brain I think too much reality.  Obviously I need balance.  Okay back to point.  I have been feeding a Mother Bunny out front of our complex since the 2012 drought has been so bad.  Those carrots are doing something because she is on little number three in a very short period of time.  And I fed them far away from my porch just in case!!
A few nights ago I was cleaning the kitchen and I heard a scream in the l.r.  The reality side of my brain KNEW exactly what that sound was.  For some reason I grabbed the rug in front of the sink (to protect myself from the critter??) Then I heard my little 6 lb. dog growling which she NEVER does, and the second cat attacking the feral that brought the lil bunny present in to me!  Then I noticed the bunny was ALIVE and trying to find a place of safety.  Me, I cant touch critters. Don't know why, just cant.  Cant hold baby ducks, chics, jars with bugs.  No clue just cant.  Sooo that being said I left the cozy apartment hoping I would not come back to a blood bathed dead bunny.  I went to the lobby and buzzed a fello on 3rd floor and asked for help.  He grumbled but said yes.  Then I walked to the neighbors and asked the that lady to help also.  (She helped when the bat got brought in last month)
And away we all walked together back to the scene of the crime.  After much laughing and bunny escapes the man got him and put him in a shoe box and took him back outside under the tree he was born at!  I left a lot out by the way.  Don't ask.  But the bunny lived and no one cared where my feral cat went.  I was on my own.  I found her outside in the bushes... she listened and she showed me exactly where her little escape hatch hole was.  I fixed it but I doubt she will see the light of day from this home ever again. I will not allow my other brain to refuse reality.  Although I love living that way.  You know thinking there are fairies and that I might meet my twin sister from a past life, Steven Tyler someday.  I might you know.  So until the next critter or life action takes place in my life be well, be happy, be safe, and get rich so you can buy a house with a screened in porch for your feral.
Love those bunnies and so glad it survived such an glad I did too!
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