Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Friend Buster.... by Diane Ogden

Buster has been in my household since 1994ish.  I have tried to help him move on with no luck.  Buster is a guard, a friend, an accent piece, a reminder of wonderful days gone by, a space taker!  Buster was a gift to my son Christopher one Christmas. He kept Buster in his room along with mega lego's and wrestling mania, and Bruce Lee, and like I said, memories....   Since 1994 that son graduated, played with his fancy Honda car, did some acting in Los Angeles, did much teaching of karate in Thailand, as well as other places.  All the while Buster waited patiently .....  One day Christopher brought a special lady home named Babbs...  They were traveling the world, well mostly California to New Mexico to Wisconsin and much more in between. They would stop and set up a lil tent and paint faces for children....they would find sage and wrap and sell it. All the while Buster sat waiting.  Chris did a music video or two for public exposure and advertising.  One for UPS or something like that and one for some music group that was awesome.  So I tried to get them to take Buster back to L.A. with them.  So they put him up on top their car, strapped him down like in the movie VACATION where they strapped Auntie to the top of the car after she died and off they went....  I have a photo of this and cant find it. Darn.
Back to my point.  Buster is still here.  The kids thought he might be too heavy and take up too much gas.
Soooo he is still my friend, my protector, my accent piece, my memories, my space taker!  Most of all he reminds me of my boy who I miss so much.  The one traveling the world with his lady.  Good for them.  I can take care of Buster a lil longer.  Heck its been 12 years already, whats a few more!  Plus Buster has LuluBelle kitty and LucyLou Kitty and Gracie Allen dog to keep him company.....  I love putting him by the porch door with the window to scare the people coming home late that have had a few toddies.....  oh God I hope I haven't overstepped my boundaries with this blog which only a few will understand should they read.   I liked the old girlfriend  better.  She was more fun and easy going...  not as rich though.  What do I care?  I have fun lovin Buster who would have been sooo happy to cross county on top of the Subaru wagon while painting faces and spreading love!  Not boundaries and hate.  Now that is a Steven Tyler punch in the fat belly!  And only a handfull will understand that.  Oh my where did I get the courage to  say such?  So until next time or I find something worth writing or funny, be well, be happy, be safe, and be rich so you don't need to be so careful what you say.....  or feel.  Just maybe the boy will come home someday to see Buster.
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