Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Comfort Diane Ogden

Lucy Lou ( my cat friend) had to go to the veterinarian today.   This is her third veterinarian because she is/was a feral several years ago until I found her having a near death experience which didn't seem to make like any easier for her or me for that matter.  Those other vets scared her so bad her gums turned blue and they thought she was going to die!  Seriously, and they refused to care for her anymore.  Anyway....  there we were at the new vet sitting in a little 6x6 foot exam room that started feeling like a prison after 56 minutes of waiting.  Ya think?  I had sprayed the towel in her carrier with comfort zone to relax her.  The vet tech said they put the comfort zone plug in's in each cat exam room.  I think that means she was getting a double dose and so was I.  I was wondering why LucyLou was as calm as a hippie on weed.  And after 56 minutes I was feeling something!  Not sure what, but something!  It didn't feel the best and I mean to google it.  You know "What are the effects on humans after 56 minutes in cell from Comfort Zone for cats!"  I didn't get hungry or start laughing until I cried and hurt all over.  (LOL yes I remember) But I did get fuzzy in the head like from a trailer full of formaldehyde.  That stuff is bad.  That's why I plan on cremation hello.  Let's don't talk about death considering the cat just cost me two new tires, or one jar of face cream.  Okay so that was a stretch.  So until I find something else funny or interesting, be well, be happy, be safe, and by darn get rich so you can afford the plug in's to go along with the spray so the cat is mellow enough to put drops in her ears every day for weeks.  Ya think that's gonna happen?  Me either.  Vet says drive her over every day for $6 and we'll do it for WEEKS! omg
(p.s. the antibiotic shot costs $59.00)  Is that normal?  In America it seems to be anymore. 

P.P.S.she is still out of it hours later. Good stuff huh?
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