Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tangaa House in Diane Ogden

So my Granddaughter and I were messing around on the computer today.  She asked me how to change the background on my google gmail account.  I dunno how!  So I went to attempting to figure it out considering I am very tired of the green grass background scene I have experienced this past year or more.  While I am trying to find the setting for the backgrounds (which I never found, meaning I will be living with the green grass much longer) I discovered people on my circles whatever that is.  Then I found this photo on someones circle mail to me, again, whatever that circle thing is anyway.  Look at this house. Holy Cow!  That is a glass wall surrounding the pool in the underground den.  It absolutely amazed me.  I sound like a "Hick" which I am not..... but obviously sheltered from the rich and famous. 
That is when we  decided to get back to normal living. We garage-saled for a couple hours....purchased a Holister sweatshirt (Its 105 degrees outside) for $3.00...originally $50. God I love a deal.  Even tho I always get the ass end of deals from men, children, and or animals.  We found a crock pot for funeral cooking for $1.  We found rocks from a collection for .25 cents.  Oh and I got a Pink Columbia coat for $3.50.  God I love Pink.  And I like garage sales.  Not that I wouldn't like that pool.  Not so sure about looking at that wall of water considering I don't like water.  So, until next time be well, be happy, be safe, and get rich so you can buy new Holister sweatshirts, and new crock pots, and new Columbia coats, and a POOL above or underground.  Actually I can, but it's more fun to find a deal. Maybe not the pool...
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