Friday, July 20, 2012

Leavin' it all Behind in The Big Little Diane Ogden

Okay.....I want this!  But I need some cash to live on while I drive it across the United States.  I am a bit concerned about wind.  You know, wind that blows lil things away.  But then how often do you hear about VW bugs blowing away.  Or even people for that matter.  I could hide behind trees in this lil darlin.  I could drive it into a big rig.  I could almost drive it through a door and into a barn.  Under a park shelter.  Darn near under a big rock.  I bet it even floats.  Well, maybe not.  I have searched google and cannot find where to buy it.  I am going to buy it.  If I cant travel the country yet, I can use it for my work.  And what an advertisement it would be.  Tax deductible as soon as I put the daisy sign on the side...  omg I cant wait.   Will let you know when I find it and park it out front. Humm it may not fit in my parking stall.  O'well, small detail.  So this is a good day.  Be happy, be well, be safe, and get rich so you can buy little pink cars with a black and white checkerboard on top pulling lil bedrooms.  
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