Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Think I Used to be Greek! Diane Ogden

See what I mean?  As the years have passed I realize I used to be Greek.  Yup must have lived before and I think my name was Venus.  Well come on, look at the resemblance.  Except for the pointing upwards duo that is.  I was taking a shower this evening and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and said, "OMG, I look like those women in the old fashioned portraits from Europe.  The ones with the voluptuous naked bodies.  Ah, Yawh I said voluptuous. And the only diff I see is they are always laying around on what appears to be tarps (linen bedding) and I am like never laying around naked on anything and always on the run working, writing, eating, driving, taking the dog out, or cleaning the dog poop up in.  Get it, in / out!  Yes she misses on occasion.  Back to my point.  What is my point?   That women used to be voluptuous and then went twiggy and I haven't caught up with Twiggy yet.  Not only that but women's feet have become much bigger through the century's...... and their brains ??  Hopefully both.   Did you ever notice how men's bodies stay the same through every generation and century.  Seriously. Their winkie doesn't get wrapped to make it smaller like the Chinese wrapped women's feet.  Nor do they have to wear a winkie bra, or be judged if their winkie doesn't stand up tall enough, hell there's a pill for that one! I want a pill to make my boobies stand up for 4 hours and then I would go to E.R. if they didn't go back down. NOT!!   I think evolution can hear men's  thoughts.  Whatever men think and or say is.  Sort of like when God said, "Let there be light."  There was.  Then something happened and someone said God is really a woman.  (omg) And the woman messed it all up.  She ate the apple or ate something and here we are!  Paying for all that damn incorrect KARMA.  Oh I am just joshing you.  Or am I, as I lean back and look down at my sweet Greek unacceptable belly.  I could pose for those paintings..... 
Well, be happy like me, be safe like me, and be well like me, and get rich so you can buy one of those cool Greek paintings so you can feel like me!   LOL
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