Sunday, July 1, 2012

Humor is Hiding, Dear Mr. President... by Diane Ogden

I have not written a post for a long time because I was watching my father pass away from life "with" an agressive cancer.  He did pass.  And now I am faced with another life trial of helping my son who has been incarcerated since 2001 receive clemency.  Today is the day I have designated to write the President of the United States regarding:  So first I avoided by staying outside visiting with many fellow dog walkers.  Next I cooked fried potatoes, eggs, biscuit with orange preserves. Then I watched HGTV makeovers, and now I am faced with the real task of writing a letter to the President:  Cant put it off any longer, so here goes.

Dear Mr. President,

Before I begin please note I did vote for you. Your wife is amazing. Your children are precious and I adore the dog.

I am the Mother of inmate Daniel R. Hull #05136-090.  I am sixty-four years of age, Daniel is the eldest son of five, one daughter.  Daniel was convicted of armed bank robbery in 2001.  Let me say, I cannot imagine the fear it must have caused the innocent workers at the bank.  The same fear Daniel tells me he experienced when held at "shank-point" by several other inmates with no help in sight.  Daniel expressed to me he thought he was going to die that day. And that was his personal KARMA.  He told me he got back what he had physically and emotionally given to those innocent people at the bank.  He expressed to me that it is his responsibility to take responsibility for his every action in this life. 

The Daniel I knew years ago was an angry man who blamed everyone else for his sad life. Drugs and alcohol were his escape and enemy, therefore he went through several prison classes that have helped him come out the other side of that difficult mountain. He also conquered smoking. (ppssst)  (kay okay I will take that out)

Since being incarcerated this time I see and hear a new evolved "human being." No longer a victim, rather a life coach for whoever enters his precense on the inside as well as family on the outside.  He counsels his daughters, his Grandmother, his niece Emma,  and myself with his limitless wisdom. 

Daniel went against one of the "laws of the inmates" (Never help the Po-leece) to save a female guard from a serious inmate attack.  He lived in terror for his life from the other inmates for helping her.  Daniel was the medical overseer at the health workout center where once again he saved a man's life by insisting he get immediate medical care. He has an inmate following regarding his life coaching skills wherever he goes.

Daniel taught art classes in prison, as well as he earned his GED, he graduated from Blackstone College as a degreed paralegal with a student grade average of 95.58%. He also has a ministeral degree, along with numerous drug and alcohol treatment classes. 

Regarding our family:  It doesnt go without some dysfunction as most any other.  Daniel has three brothers who all do well in life and have never been in trouble with the law. One is in sales and lives in a local gated community, another is an aspiring actor and carpenter in Los Angeles, another is traveling the world with his girlfriend, and a sister who is also doing well.  Daniel has four neices he has never seen due to the distance of the prison. They love his artwork and strive to be like him. Daniel has two daughters that need him very much. (Age 21 & 22)  They have never had a father figure and Daniel and I believe, as many others do also, their still at an age where he can offer them the wonderful life coaching he and they have missed out on. One daughter is a waitress and the other is in school working toward her bachelors in child psychology.  Daniel's Grandfather (who raised him) passed away last week.  His Grandmother, age 81 is now out in the country on the farm alone.  She broke her hip and is having to clean the barn (one horse) of the horse manure carrying it out in buckets by hand, picking raspberries in the heat to sell to the local resturants, and working the huge garden.  I have spinal stenosis and cannot help her.  My brother and his children live four hours away.  Grandmother needs Daniel in her fraile years.  As a family we do not like her on the farm alone, but it is her choice to stay in the only home she has known most of her life.  Daniel's other Grandmother is 87, still works in the local WalMart office and has just recently become a positive part of Daniel's life.  (His Father and Paternal Grandfather have passed away) He has been offered a good job from his Uncle when he is freed.

Daniel's imprisonment has affected all of us in very negative and very positive ways.  The younger children have learned how drugs and alcohol can nearly ruin a persons life.  But they and we also have been blessed with a person, Daniel, who is now beyond belief an evolved amazing transformed "human being"  who tells the other inmates and family members to take responsibility for their own actions.  Most of all he offers HOPE and will not accept any negative talk or thinking around him.  He teaches others how to do the same.

Daniel no longer takes from life, he gives.  I am formally asking you, the President of HOPE and CHANGE to give Daniel clemency, a chance to make right his wrongs.  I know he will, because he already is.  You may not have time, but feel free to tell Mrs. Obama to check out Daniel's blog.   Daniel was transferred to a medium facility in Pekin, IL a couple months ago. He has had no infractions for eleven years. 

With Deep Respect and Sincerity,
The Happy News Lady  (okay "captain obviously" I am not going to sign it this way doi)

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