Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Humanitarian or Sanitarium?......by Diane OGden

I play around with numerology.  That means I can tell you what you are like just knowing your name.  I can tell you  more knowing your full name and date of birth.  That said.. My numbers say I am a humanitarian. Actually the truth be told I am a giver that gets in trouble giving sometimes. Like I rescue everything and everyone.  Dogs that refuse to eat unless I cook it from scratch and of course I have tried to starve her to eat dog food with no luck. I think that was a way too long sentence! Cats that you cant hold, men that are peter pans or worse, children with horrible life issues, old people that are dying, (hospice) and bunnies that need food and water due to the drought.  So I feed the cat a jar of Gerber Ham baby food every day @ $1 a day.  I cook for the dog....  I got rid of the men thank God and my brain sense that only took too long. What is my point?  I was outside talking to other dog walkers and saw a little bunny that seemed to be in distress. He/she came hopping very close to us humans which told me he / she needed something.  We are in a heat wave and drought.  That bunny was hungry and thirsty.  It wasn't even afraid.  Next morning I saw he /she across the street in broad daylight near the curb trying to find food.  Sooo out comes humanitarian mama.  I put out the bowl of water and lettuce I hadn't eaten along with carrots.  I came home later in the day and all the carrots were gone, and then later yet most of the lettuce was gone.  Guess this means now I will be not only buying one jar of Gerber baby ham but I will be buying a bag of carrots too.  Holy mother of all bunnies!  I know this isn't funny.  Well maybe it is!  What a weirdo insane human-itarian I am. (That sounds real close to sanitarium. Whatever....  Be well like the bunny, be happy like the bunny is today, and be safe like the bunny is today.  And may someone will help you the same way.  Not with carrots, lettuce and water...but with the love behind the intention.  And get rich so you can feed more than one bunny.  Like maybe the Ethiopians....God I hate those commercials. 
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