Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Honking in Line at McDonald's......Really? by Diane Ogden

Okay so I make it a habit  not to ever call anyone names or shout at other drivers (where they can hear me anyway)  but today I made an exception.  I felt the need to stop at McDonalds for a diet coke. Yes I know they are bad for me.  To bad, I needed a lift and couldn't afford the surgical kind so I opted for Mickey D's coke and hopefully they really put something in it that works cause I needed it.  It is 10:00 a.m. Why was there a line at McDonald's at 10:00a.m??  Break time huh?  But all my life I heard that the Mexican folks took break time (siesta) at 3:00 p.m.  Yet there he was....the lil twerp in the lil truck trying to BUTT in.  Yes he was being a butt while butting in.  And he did!!  You know how McDonalds has the two lane honesty deal lane?  Where you take turns......one lane then the other, one lane then the other, one lane then the other.  Well lil Mexico decided he wasn't going to let Grandma in.  Yes I am old enough to be his Gma!  And just so ya know you can get a senior diet coke at the age of 50!  Hell I had a kid who was only 7 at that age!  Okay back to point.  The lil bad boy sure as heck inched as close as he could to the car ahead of him so I couldn't get my turn...  Soooo I do what I never do.......I hit he horn hard for a LONGGGGGG time.  I was in the mood of ....like...IDC (I don't care).  He hollered at me, "I ordered mine first,"   Reminded me of first grade, Me first, Me first, and he looked about that age which doesn't say much for what I did next!   I said loudly out the window of my Buick with white walls and mud flaps, "No you didn't you little sack of crap!"  Seriously I cant believe I said that with chest a busting out with pride.   Whose Gma would say that to them? 
He isn't my blood kin so I blasted him like an Ozark, Okie, Jerry Springer, low life type!  OMG.....but he still won.  And did I feel good about my actions. You bet!  I wasn't carrying a weapon thank god.
Little crudsbud person he was.  Ya think maybe it was something else on my mind maybe....nope it was him and only his butting in that set me off. Well okay maybe a couple other things too.  So be happy, be well, be safe, and get rich so you can buy a McDonalds franchise if you want and so you can ram the shit out of the kids car just because you have insurance!!  (I got that from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  Cant do it anymore cause insurance companies rule the world and they will raise your insurance cause the kid didn't have any.  That's your fault you know!  He jumps the fence in Arizona, he butts in front of you at Mickey D's and you pay all the consequences.  So don't do it.  Get your coke and let him be a butt and butt in and move on.  
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