Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guide to Beauty Charm and Poise by Ruth Tolman Diane Ogden

I ran into that very book today!  And it made my day!  One of my clients, in her 30's, brought it out and began reading it to me.  I told her that is the way I learned how to do things.  How to wear pearls and whether to wear dangle earrings or round earrings depending on the shape of my face.  And how to enter a room, and how to cross my legs, and how to smoke a cigarette, and how to be a lady and how to be a good wife!  LOL  
It did not teach how to act when you get drunk on Saturday night or any night.  It did not teach anything about  OMG's, or LMAO's, or FMI (which is disgusting).  Nope, nor did it teach how to wear shorts so short and low rise why bother.  Nope, it told how to be a lady!  A real lady!  Like Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly and omg Mary Tyler Moore, and the "chic-a-lady" from breakfast at Tiffanies...         Make note the ladies of charm and poise would never use the word "chic-a-lady!"  I will work on that.  Considering my own personal experience growing up and learning some of these "OLD FASHIONED" charming ideas that we certainly need to put a fire under, and bring back to life.  And from my personal experience of my mother threatening to send me to "charm school"  over and over along with the threats to send me to reform school.  Eeww.  I don't think I was that bad! 
What I learned today is that I believe I might just open a "School to "Reform" young girls back to their Charming, Poised, beautiful selves ......via a judge!  Yup.... My school would be a place for delinquent teens to go verses jail.  And if the teen/ person didn't pay attention and or laughed at any or all, he/she would go to directly to jail without collecting $200 etc.  In other words they would have to learn how to be decent human beings or jail.  My wayward home for out of control teens. Example: "Now my dear, this is how you walk into a room, and this is how you speak clearly and enunciate your words with precious expression and voice control please, higher please....  Stand tall, do not cross your legs and no skirts or shorts that show anything that needs waxing.  No body piercing, no cursing, no antonyms, no naked photoshoots, no weird sex or sex talk.....think Grandmother!  Okay I am LMAO now.  Can you imagine if teens came to my Charm School and only learned 15% of what my Grandmother taught me out of fear of going to jail....(my take: they might prefer jail) our society could be affected to some degree and then the scary Muslims, not the charmed poised ones, wouldn't be so eager to blow us all up for lack of charm, poise, and minimal decency!  I get it.
So until more good or funny news, be safe, be well, and be happy.  And get rich so you can go to a real life charm school. 
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