Friday, July 13, 2012

Generational Twins? Diane Ogden

I did not say gestational twins, I said, generational twins.  That is my Great Grandmother Luella Kline Baker Anderson.  And that is mwah on the right.   I must find a hat like that and then take the picture again.  How fun is this. And I thought Steven Tyler was my twin sister from a previous life.  I still think he is something kin to me from afar.
I don't know much about her.  Her father gave her into marriage when she was around 13.  She had three children, was married three times.  I have been married three times.  She cleaned houses for a living and kept a neat diary of her money exchanges.  I clean houses for a living and keep a neat diary of money exchanges also.  (I was an insurance sales for many years until I had the last child, 22 years ago)  We have similarities in many areas.  I wish I knew more about her.  She lived in Rockford, Illinois.
This isn't a funny story.  It won't add to your life.  But it did add to mine, so I posted it for me.
Be safe, be happy, be well, and get rich so you can hire genealogists to find out about your generational background (twin?)
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