Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Step in the Poop! .......by Diane Ogden

Okay, so I take my dog out as much as humanly possible....  But if this human isn't possibly home my impossibly inhuman dog craps wherever I just had the carpet cleaned.  And this marking has my mark on it due to the fact I walked carelessly and without forethought of crap into the sun room to close the curtains after the 100 degree heat today foreseeing the 104 for tomorrow!  And that is when I felt that familiar farm squish toe duck shit feeling of poop hitting my foot.  Indeed it did.  Eeeww Eeww.  At which time I as a christian person said, "Effing Dog, Effing Dog, Effing Dog."  Then I said, "Wait, I haven't had my shower yet....okay cool, no problem.  Just let it dry and vacuum it up tomorrow....hit the shower and loose the poop. Just like the dog did.  Do I feel relieved like she did?  Notsomuch!
Now I mussant forget the cats I left outside with the door shut to the porch so they didn't bring in any critters to surprise me when I came out of the shower....  wouldn't that be the shits!  Awh a funny one finally.   So be happy, be well, be safe, and get rich so you can buy great soap to wash the dog doo off your feet. Life's dog doo and the real doo! Oh p.s. Bless my lil dog I do love her.... everyone chits!
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