Monday, July 9, 2012

Dancing With "My" Diane Ogden      Music Time Machine
I received an email from a friend today.  It said, "This is a keeper!"  Then I saw a graph filled with 60 squares of years.   Which ever year I clicked on entertained me with the top 20 songs of that year.  Wow, I wish I had thought of that.  Instead I danced with my mop and I mean I danced.  If I could have figured out how to video myself you would at this point in time be laying on the floor LYAO,  (Laughing your ass off) (from my YouTube video, "How to Dance With Your Mop!".) My favorite year so far was 1961.  The mop really went nuts on that one.  Then in 1964 the mop became a microphone as well as a partner.  Eeww....forget that comment.  Maybe I will listen to some 1944 Bing Crosby and maybe I will get weird and dress my mop in a shirt and tie.  LOL   Hey, after reading The 50 Shades of Grey...S H U T  U P!!  Anything is acceptable.  Even dressing mops and dancing with them.  Hell even using them for a partner is on a lighter note then the shades of grey book one.   No I am not that weird thank god. And dancing with my mop was as delightful and most of all fun as was the music.   Hey, its not a pole, it's  a mop! I have been know to dance with my $900 Hand Carved  Bed Posts that was shipped to me from Europe. You must check out the site Time Music Machine. Especially if you have a bed post or a mop.  Husbands don't usually "get it", so use your mop!
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