Monday, June 4, 2012

Dolly's "Coat of Many Colors!" by Diane Ogden

I had three jobs today, it was hot, I was training a new person..... 
I, me, I-tis....had an appointment to get some rootin tootin root repair done at four p.m.
No not a root canal, rather fifty shades of gray, brown, yellow, lighter blonde and more gray.
Yes I have Dolly's many coat of colors on my head today.  I was looking forward to my appointment
which I made it to right on time!  I walked to the door and the door sign said closed.  I knocked.  I knocked again and again.  Nothing, Nadda, Zilch!  I knew my guy worked on Mondays so was he dead inside?  No answer on his phone either.  So back into the hot car to drive clear across town with one of those over the toilet stands shoved into my car from backseat left to front seat right...right up to the windshield.  Sweet!  Not!  Then my guy that does my "Coat of many colors" called.  We made a new time and I crawled home with the over the toilet space saver thingy.
I'm okay....  I have a great Milwaukee Brewers cap that saves me!

So Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe, and get rich so you can have a better coat on your head instead of a baseball cap!  OMG my Grandbaby is laughing at me.....
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